UCLA | BS Electrical Engineering 2020, Engineering Management Graduate Student  

Zachary graduated with the UCLA class of 2020 with a BS in Electrical Engineering, while also graduating from Caltech with a Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering. Currently, Zachary is pursuing his MS in Engineering Management at UCLA while also functioning as a Systems Engineer working on Satellite Payload Software at Northrop Grumman. During his undergrad at UCLA, he was extremely involved, including serving as Internal VP of IFC, VP and Director of Tours of the UCLA Engineering Communication Strategy Advisory Board and playing a lot of IMs. Some of Zachary's interests include golf, tennis, spike ball, going to the beach/on hikes, playing fantasy football/watching sports and playing video games. He is First Aid, CPR and Triage/Mass Casualty Certified. Zachary has tutored various ages from elementary school all the way to holding mini physics lectures for UC Davis pre-med students. He understands that students seeking tutoring may not learn from the traditional delivery methods and knows how to take the material and relate it to simple every day analogies and terms. He also previously coached tennis at a racquet club specializing with the age range of 4-6 years old. He likes tutoring because he enjoys seeing the students succeed—witnessing the progression from struggling through a subject to finally mastering it is an awesome feeling. Every student is different and he enjoys adapting his teaching style to different learning preferences. He views tutoring as building a partnership with the student and can't wait to build a successful academic partnership through Ignite. 



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