UCLA | Fourth Year, English Major and Philosophy Minor

Spencer is a fourth year majoring in English and minoring in Philosophy. He’s super involved on campus, including being a counselor for Camp Kesem, the largest national organization dedicated to supporting children impacted by a parent’s cancer, at no cost to families. He’s very outdoorsy, being an avid hiker, runner, snorkeler and backpacker. Spencer is also a big reader and movie fanatic. He has ample experience with peer tutoring and additionally wants to go into education following the completion of his degree (he is currently wrapping up the requirements to teach English as a foreign language)—he’s very good at explaining concepts and ensuring the utmost understanding. Spencer loves tutoring because he recognizes the impact it may have on a student’s academic career and life at large. He recognizes his growth and development as a student, thinker, and writer can be attributed to the teaching of others. He really values a one on one relationship with his students and sees it as an invaluable resource. He strives to instill a sense of confidence and greater thinking skills in his students. We would describe Spencer as outgoing, patient, and compassionate. 



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