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Our Services

Ignite Tutoring focuses on providing personalized, quality tutoring and mentorship services to students from all age ranges and backgrounds. Once a service is requested, clients will hop on a free 1-on-1 consultation with one of our tutor coordinators so they can match individuals with their perfect tutor.


While all our experiences are customized, please read below to get a better idea of our services: 

Basic Tutoring

What People Are Saying 

“The process of placing my sons with the perfect tutor was exceptional. They took into account their personality, needs, and learning styles. It has paid off with their grades and eagerness to continue moving forward…”

- Joelene K. 

Why Choose Tutoring?

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In 1984, Dr. Benjamin Bloom performed a study measuring the impacts of tutoring on students. Bloom studied three different styles of learning: conventional (that of a normal classroom setting), mastery (that of a classroom but with periodic testing and feedback), and tutoring. His findings were profound: those students who were tutored and received tests and feedback periodically performed an average of two grades better than those students in the regular classroom setting. That’s an A instead of a C!​

Bloom’s studies suggested many things regarding education, but Ignite’s favorite may be his notion that most students are fully capable of performing well. Most students, with the right learning environments, can achieve great results and succeed wildly in an academic setting. 


Additionally, at Ignite, we believe in the endeavor to give access to tutoring to students from all walks of life—offering free tutoring to those in need! Please visit our philanthropy page here for more information.


Ignite makes tutoring convenient, effective, and always personal.


Read more specifics about Bloom’s study here


Four Ways to Learn

1-on-1 Private Tutoring 

Experience a personalized and effective tutoring experience with a top-tier undergraduate student

Group Sessions

Book a group tutoring sessions with 2-5 students at a discounted price

In-Person Tutoring 

Attend highly affective and personalized tutoring sessions from the comfort of your home or at a local coffee shop/campus spot

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Online Tutoring

Not in California? Book a virtual tutoring session with one of our top-tier undergraduate students

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