The Perks Of Having A Tutor: You Can't Go Wrong

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The decision to hire a tutor can come to fruition via many routes. Perhaps your student is falling behind and a tutor can give them that necessary push to maintain their grades. A student could be lacking motivation and the addition of a lively tutor may be just what the doctor ordered. Even for students who are already doing well, a tutor may be the extra edge to push them ahead of the class. Regardless of the reason, the benefits of a tutor are innumerable. We’ve compiled a list of some of our personal favorites for you to read:

1. Say Goodbye to Parent-Student Battles!

We've all been there: a parent is upset with their child's academic performance is met by a heated argument with the mere mention of the problem. Sometimes you may never have studied the subject your child needs help with and therefore can’t find the appropriate route of aid. Tensions in this situation inevitably build—parents are already busy balancing their career and family life, and helping their children in academics can just add too much stress. Not to mention, many students become agitated by the help of a parent.

A tutor can ease the pressure off everyone. Instead of wasting time trying to get to a middle ground with parents and students, tutors, with their academic expertise, can immediately pinpoint the issues the student is having and fix them right away. Parents, you'll stress less, and students, you won't have to deal with the burden of explaining your homework and grades.

2. Create A Safe Space For Building Academic Confidence

Students are often scared to voice their real struggles with their parents in the belief that their parents will react negatively. With a tutor, students can honestly pinpoint all of their struggles and fix them together with their tutors—it’s their job, afterall! Tutoring sessions are judgement free zones and students will never feel the negative repercussions for not understanding or working on something enough; tutors will only be there to push their students academically and mentally so that they can succeed in any academic task.

3. Catch Small Bad Habits That Will Save Students Academically In The Long Run

Small mistakes, such as a habitual grammar errors or an extra difficult formula for solutions can be unseen by both parents and students. These minute issues become a bigger problem as students progress in their academic career. As experts in their fields and unbiased observers, tutors can easily pinpoint mistakes at the source, ensuring students are left with a proper foundation to excel in the future!

4. Students Get Excited About School And Learning

With constant rigorous tests and imminent deadlines, it’s hard to fully enjoy the benefits of learning. With a tutor, students can open up their eyes to the rewards of learning about the world and how it works. Not to mention, seeing a tutor’s passion for a subject is bound to lead a student to appreciate it all the more. Tutors can dive in deeper and give tutees a more in-depth approach to learning, which can be more intellectually stimulating and rewarding :)

5. Tutors and Tutees Can Make Lasting Friendships

Tutors can quickly become role models and close friends—with this deeper relationship, it becomes easier to teach and learn, and tutees end up succeeding in and getting more excited about school and learning!

At Ignite Tutoring, our motto and mission is to create a tutoring atmosphere where tutors and tutees can foster not only an academic relationship with one another but also a great friendship. We pair tutors not only based on subject but also based on personality and interests; doing this, tutors and tutees are able to become closer and fully enjoy the tutoring experience.

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