Meet the Women of Ignite: Women's Day Edition

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, we at Ignite chose to pay tribute to some of the amazing women that have made our business possible. As a business founded by and run by young women, we are proud to say that over 75% of our tutoring base is comprised of women.

As an ode to women, their endless drive and never-ending perseverance, we asked the women on our team three questions:

1. What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

2. Who do you think is the most inspirational woman and why?

3. What makes women so special?

Read below to meet a small fraction of the incredible women of Ignite Tutoring and how they answered some of these questions:

Kay O.

Kay is our President and one of the Co-Founders of Ignite. She grew up in DC, where she was an outstanding high school scholar. She participated in Model UN and had numerous internships in the aerodynamics industry, as flight was her teenage passion. Now a Senior at UCLA, Kay is finishing up her major in Economics. Throughout her time at UCLA, she was a member of a sorority, had internships in entertainment, finance and law, tutors 10 hours a week and now plans to go to law school. Kay is an amazing woman and leader (not to mention she’s an incredible painter).

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

The fact that despite being stigmatized in the past and present, women fight every day, tirelessly and with grace, to gain full equality and rightfully deserved respect—I am so humbled to be a part of the next wave of boss ladies! :)

Who do you think is the most inspirational woman and why?

J.K. Rowling! Even though she was an unemployed single mother & her first novel got rejected 12 (!) times, she still persevered and had full confidence in her capabilities, and now is one of the most famous authors in the world.

Emma K.

Emma is one of our amazing tutors. Originally from Texas, Emma has found that in LA it’s important to be busy. As a Junior, Emma has already had internships in interior design, graphic design and marketing, as well as having worked a number of other jobs in sales and the restaurant industry. We are perhaps most proud of Emma for having started her own jewelry line, Sable & Mer, when she was 15 and continuing to run it while finishing her studies in Communications and Film, Television and Digital Media. Emma is a true leading woman and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for her.

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

Divine Feminine Energy!

Who do you think is the most inspirational woman and why?

My grandmother for sharing her love of art with me.

Danielle C.

Danielle is a tutor at Ignite and is currently a freshman at UCLA. Originally from Orange County, she harnessed her love of nature to pursue a degree in Environmental Science. Not only is Danielle an amazing scholar, but she’s also extremely involved. In high school she was part of the California Scholarship Federation as well as Honors Society. She continues her involvement at UCLA as a member of a sorority as well as the Alumni Scholars Club. We are so proud of Danielle and all her hard work.

Who do you think is the most inspirational woman and why?

There are so many inspirational women out there for all different reasons, but one very empowering woman is Serena Williams. Despite facing continuous racism and sexism, she has established herself as one of the greatest a