Ignite Tutoring: Para Los Ninos Fundraiser for Valentine's Day!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, Ignite Tutoring decided to give back and spread love to our Los Angeles community by fundraising for a local education non-profit organization, Para Los Niños. With an impressive number of organizations to choose from, we wanted to ensure a partnership that aligned with Ignite’s vision and values. Para Los Ninos, a nonprofit founded in Downtown Los Angeles to support children's educational and family needs, stood out for many reasons:

1. Dedication to the Improvement of Lives of Undeserved Students:

Para Los Niños provides over 6,000 underserved students and families with high-quality academic education to children as young as six weeks old. The children involved with Para Los Niños come from backgrounds where K-12 education is not guaranteed. The founders of PLN intended to expand education and resources to those who may have been incapable of receiving them due to their personal circumstances. This mission caught our eye because it very closely parallels with Ignite’s strong belief in the importance of every child receiving all resources needed to succeed academically.

2. An Interdisciplinary Approach: Academics & Character Development

Para Los Niños not only aims to enrich their students’ academic lives, but they also work to build their student’s social skills, character, and confidence. They acknowledge the importance of working to strengthen all areas of a child’s character to enhance every aspect of personal development. In this same way, Ignite Tutoring hand selects our tutors based on a variety of factors to ensure that our tutors can not only provide academic help but can also be great role models. We believe in every child having a person to look up to so they can learn other life lessons and mimic the observed role-model behavior as they grow and develop.

3. Supporting Positive Mental Health

PLN has various services that support positive growth and mentalities within its community. These programs serve to help the social and emotional well-being of members which promotes long-term health for its students. We believe that positive mental health is a critical element in developing into self-sufficient and successful individuals. Consequently, our mission emphasizes the role of our tutors to expand further than just as a teacher, but also to act as a mentor that can support their tutees in all walks of life. Our tutors strive to not only create a positive academic impact but also to facilitate positive relationships and maturity.

1. Dedication to the Improvement of Lives of Underserved Students:

Para Los Niños is an organization that we have the utmost respect for. All of our tutors worked very hard during the month of February to raise money for this great cause. We were so happy to be able to have raised....

$1,048.62 over the course of our fundraising! Thank you to everyone who donated and a special thanks to all the tutors who worked so hard.

If supporting the cause of Para Los Niños interests you, please donate directly to their website here.

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