Want Your Student to be More Productive in Zoom School? — Establish a Schedule

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic has brought forth a host of obstacles for the average individual as the world adjusts to a “new normal.” These challenges prove both physical and social, as citizens across the globe have to not only face potential health challenges and risks, but must also adjust to an array of social distancing measures. As many adults are working from home, their children are newly engaged in and adjusting to remote learning. While some students have discovered they enjoy getting to work at their own pace, others have garnered a great disliking toward online learning, from struggling to understand their assignments to getting easily distracted to not having reliable internet. Clearly, this new normal can be overwhelming. That being said, it is vital that parents find a way to ensure their children feel secure and confident during these uncertain times. One approach to tackle this feat is to establish a consistent daily schedule your student can follow. A consistent schedule will ensure students are able to continue learning while their schools are closed, and can also serve as an easy way to help students develop valuable habits they’ll need in the future.

According to Very Well Mind, research has consistently shown that routines play an important role in mental health and well-being. A study published by Neuroscience Behavioral Reviews found that establishing a schedule can help students better manage anxiety and stress by making them feel more productive and focused.

The key to creating a daily schedule is to establish a routine that implements structure and a sense of predictability to your student’s day. Of course, this schedule may change somewhat depending on the day of the week, but adhering to a fundamental structure for when your student will wake up, eat, complete schoolwork, exercise, and sleep can help them feel more organized and less overwhelmed. By structuring their day, both the parent and the student will ensure that the student will accomplish what must be done, therefore leaving them with time to schedule other activities they want to do.

It is important to remember that implementing a daily routine will take time and practice. Just like trying to create a new habit, starting and sticking to a schedule will take a decent amount of effort. A student knows themself best, so if something does not appear to be working for them, it is important for parents to tweak their routine to make it work for their needs.

Though the task of staying safe, learning from home, and ensuring your student does not fall behind academically can at times feel daunting, it is vital for both students and parents to remember: you’ve got this!

Creating a schedule that works for your student is a critical step you can take to ensure that they are staying on track in school. Ultimately, if students establish a routine they can rely on, they will better prepare themselves to weather this storm in a healthy manner, and be able to hit the ground running when “normal” is restored in the world.

**This piece was written by Lauren H. an Ignite Tutor !

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