4 Tips From Tutors For Staying Motivated While WFHing

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

During this far-from-normal time, it’s all the more difficult AND important for students to stay academically driven.

As schools have temporarily shut down and transitioned to online instruction, students may be losing their natural rhythm and becoming unfocused—you are not alone!

At Ignite Tutoring, we want to ensure that no student falls behind during this pandemic, so we have prepared a list of ways to stay motivated throughout this time:

1. Stick to a consistent schedule

It is so easy to adopt the mindset that time in isolation is a break from everyday life. It can be so tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, eat meals at inconsistent times, and take on a spastic sleep cycle. However, we highly encourage you to maintain as consistent of a schedule as possible. Getting dressed every morning, having three nutritious meals, and going to sleep at the same time every night will keep you in a productive routine. Routines remind your body that this time is not a break and not a time to sacrifice your academics! As always, be sure to do a few things a day that you enjoy. Having activities that you look forward to will keep you in a positive headspace and bring enjoyment into your days.

2. Have a designated work space

Although there are not many places to go during this time, we recommend designating a workspace in your home for homework that is separate from your relaxation or entertainment spaces. This can be as easy as leaving your personal room and doing schoolwork at a dining table or office space. Having a designated work space will trick your brain into thinking that when you are at your work spot, it is a serious time free from distractions. When working from home, it’s easy to lose focus and do other activities accustomed to that environment.

3. Do not hesitate asking for help

Having classes online may make it feel like it is harder to get into contact with your teacher. However, they are here for you at this time, and are committed to making sure that you still understand your class material. It is not up to you, the student, to tackle this new material alone. So, whenever you do not understand something, never hesitate to email your teacher and ask for extra instruction. They will be happy to help! And, as always, if you need more assistance, our Ignite Tutors are always available to help!

4. Stay connected with your classmates and friends

Always remember that you are not alone! Social distancing prevents you from physically seeing your friends; however, we highly encourage you to virtually stay connected with your classmates. All of your classmates are completing the same assignments as you. If you are ever confused on directions for assignments or what assignments have to be completed, always reach out to a friend. Friends can help ease any stress, relieve confusion, and remind you that we are all in this together!

We hope that this list gave you some helpful tips on how to stay focused and motivated during the new-normal brought on by this pandemic. Though this time period is unusual and challenging, we will all get through it if we stand together! As always, please reach out to us at Ignite with anything you may need. Happy WFH!

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