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3 Tips for Continuing Your Child's Education Over the Summer

Summer break can be a great time to learn something new, no matter what your age may be. Whether you’re looking to learn about literature, music, or science, there are plenty of ways to continue your education over the summer. Here are three tips for continuing your child’s education over the summer.

Option 1: Camps

Summer camps are great opportunities for students to both have fun and learn about something they're interested in. Across the nation there are so many educational camps, such as science camps, music camps, and even robotics camps, in which your student could explore their interests while also having a traditional summer camp experience.

Option 2: Classes

If your student is a little older and preparing for standardized tests, SAT and ACT prep classes may be a good option if they're interested in bettering their test-taking skills. Summer is also a great time to learn something new, such as picking up a new instrument. If your student has shown interest in picking up a new skill, summer is a good time for them to do that because the stress and chaos of school is not present. Ignite Tutoring doesn’t only offer classes in traditional subjects, but also extracurriculars such as instruments and sports!

Option 3: DIY Activities

The most valuable form of learning is often when students learn about the world around them. Whether they're exploring their backyard and learning about the different kinds of plants and animals in your community or getting lost in a new book and falling in love with literature, they are sure to run into their own self-learning throughout the summer.