UCLA | Second Year, Psychobiology Major

Lina is a second year student from New Jersey, currently studying Psychobiology. She is a member of PUMP (pre-med mentor program), Bruins Fighting Pediatric Cancer, Bruin Leaders Project and currently serves as the Risk Management Chair for Kappa. She also works at the school store in the computer department. Lina loves anything health and fitness, specifically pilates and yoga and loves going for long walks. She likes to point at that she ACTUALLY really does love reading and loves to travel and explore. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite food is guacamole. Lina is also interested in photography, especially film photography and dubs herself a shopping and coffee addict. Above all else, Lina loves kids. She thinks they are so fun to be around and make her feel like she is her best self when around crazy, creative, little ones. She hopes to one day be either a pediatrician or a sports medicine doctor. As someone who has always enjoyed learning, Lina thinks that it is most important to make learning fun and enjoyable. Through genuinely getting to know the client/child she is working with and forming a friendship first, she hopes to pass down her own excitement in the topics she is teaching and to create a fun and comfortable environment for the both of them to thrive in. She likes to lead by example and thinks that showing her bubbly personality will help clients enjoy learning too! We would describe Lina as energetic, funny and a hard-working.



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