UCLA | Second Year, Business Economics Major and Accounting Minor

Jonathan grew up in Redondo Beach, not too far from LA. At UCLA, he is currently a second year studying Business Economics while also pursuing a minor in Accounting. In addition, Jonathan is a member of a fraternity, Student Accounting Society, Bruin Real Estate Association, Clean Consulting, and MoneyThink on campus. Some of his hobbies include surfing, snowboarding, listening to music, and digital photography. He also loves to play chess in his free-time and is currently on the hunt for LAs best fried chicken sandwich. In high school, not only was Jonathan a part of his school's volunteer tutoring program (including subjects such as standardized testing) but he was also a counselor at surf camp. Jonathan really likes tutoring because of the personal connections he is able to create, while also serving as a role model. The long-term effects that he is able to have on a student's academic growth is something that he finds very rewarding. We would describe Jonathan as outgoing, level-headed, and responsible. 



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