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Ignite In The News

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Daily Bruin  |  November 19, 2021

UCLA Women bring big ideas to life – Ignite Tutoring

"It’s always challenging to take on a big project without any specific linear trajectory on how to do it. So part of starting the company is a lot of figuring things out on your own and being a problem solver..."


BeSababa  |  July 22,2021

Starting a Business in College – Ignite Tutoring

"Getting tutored can be a seriously draining task. The idea of school for school can be tough to swallow, and having a tutor who you have no connection with never helps the situation..."

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BDE: Big Dorm Energy Podcast  |  Dec 03,2020

Ignite Your Mind: Kay, Izzy, Graziella 

"I speak with UCLA alum, Kay Ovcharenko, Izzy Roshko, and Graziella Cannarsa about the tutoring company they started called Ignite. Founded in the summer of 2019, Ignite Tutoring LA..."


Los Angeles Daily News  |  Aug 10,2020

Demand for tutors skyrockets as pandemic lays bare inequalities in education

"Like so many other aspects of society, the pandemic has worsened inequalities in education. Families with some means can afford to pay for extra help to make up for what their children’s..."


Medium  |  Jan 02,2020

Ignite Tutoring: Making Mentorship And Passion Essential For Teaching

"That significant role of mentorship in the field of education is exactly why Ignite Tutoring came to be. Started by UCLA students — Kay Ovcharenko, Izzy Roshko, and Graziella Cannarsa — this..."

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