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Ignite Tutoring Fundraisers

At Ignite, we believe that all students deserve to succeed. Together with our partners, we embrace our responsibility to give back to our community and help encourage opportunities that foster academic support, growth, and personal development.

Fulfillment Fund

From November 26, 2021 to December 24, 2021, our philanthropic branch, Ignite Impact, is partnering with Fulfillment Fund to support their efforts in making college a reality for students from under-resourced communities. Fulfillment Fund addresses academic inequality by partnering with local schools, providing the students with mentorship centered around the pathway to receiving higher education. Much like Fulfillment Fund, Ignite Impact strives to provide quality educational support to low-income students through free tutoring and mentorship in order to level the academic playing field. Due to this alignment in values, we are donating all of our proceeds from this fundraiser to Fulfillment Fund. They will then use this donation to to change students' lives with an array of academic financial support such as scholarships and book stipends. This fundraiser will be accompanied by an exclusive webinar open to those who donated. More details on the webinar are coming soon! If you would like to join in our efforts of changing students' lives, look out for our emails and social media posts with a link to donate! Further information on Fulfillment Fund and their mission can be found at     

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Para Los Ninos

Image of members of Para Los Ninos, a charity that Ignite Tutoring has raised $1k+ for. 

In February of 2020, the Ignite Executive team as well as its members organized a fundraiser event for Para Los Ninos, a local education non-profit organization serving students in lower socioeconomic areas of Los Angeles. Through this fundraising event, our team hoped to help children succeed in academia despite various challenges faced. Para Los Ninos serves 6,000 students in Downtown Los Angeles. Beyond helping with students' academic needs, Para Los Ninos fosters an environment that improves confidence, social skills, and character of students. At Ignite Tutoring, we firmly align with this vision as we believe that the best academic experience is a well-rounded one, in which students grow not only academically but as a person. Beyond integrating social and academic education together, Para Los Ninos strives to give back to its community by offering mental health services for students as well, which is a value that our company takes very seriously, hence our focus on not only academic tutoring but also mentorship. During the timeframe of our fundraiser, our team raised $1k+. If you would like to continue supporting those in underserved areas of Los Angeles, please continue our strive to contribute to Para Los Ninos and donate at 

Chris Brinker Film Foundation

From December 2020 through January 2021, our philanthropy branch partnered with the Chris Brinker Film Foundation to support their efforts in providing at-need high school students with college scholarships to pursue filmmaking and other creative endeavors. The nonprofit foundation was founded in honor of Chris Brinker, the late uncle of Ignite’s own Co-founder and CFO Graziella. Chris was a hard working and quick-rising Hollywood film director/producer who passed away far too young at the age of 42 due to health complications. Chris’ final project and directorial debut was released in 2014 entitled Bad Country. More can be learned about Chris at the following link:


The foundation itself pursues the goal of providing as many scholarships as possible by selecting students who not only demonstrate a financial need, but who also show the promising talent and ambition for film and creative study that Chris Brinker exemplified. These efforts have resulted in providing 2-3 students with scholarships every year for the past seven years, having provided 16 students with funding since its inception. Most recently, Ava Bunn and Christopher Allen-Lem received this amazing scholarship. 


Ignite worked to support this foundation by collecting direct donations from our generous friends, family and clients, as well as donating part of our revenue from “class package” purchases to the foundation. At the end of our fundraising efforts on January 31st, Ignite had raised $1000 to donate to the CBFF. 


It is opportunities like these that we find so important here at Ignite, and we are honored to have been able to give back to the next generation and further their education. 

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