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Image of members of Para Los Ninos, a charity that Ignite Tutoring has raised $1k+ for. 


In February of 2020, the Ignite Executive team as well as its members organized a fundraiser event for Para Los Ninos, a local education non-profit organization serving students in lower socioeconomic areas of Los Angeles. Through this fundraising event, our team hoped to help children succeed in academia despite various challenges faced. Para Los Ninos serves 6,000 students in Downtown Los Angeles. Beyond helping with students' academic needs, Para Los Ninos fosters an environment that improves confidence, social skills, and character of students. At Ignite Tutoring, we firmly align with this vision as we believe that the best academic experience is a well-rounded one, in which students grow not only academically but as a person. Beyond integrating social and academic education together, Para Los Ninos strives to give back to its community by offering mental health services for students as well, which is a value that our company takes very seriously, hence our focus on not only academic tutoring but also mentorship. During the timeframe of our fundraiser, our team raised $1k+. If you would like to continue supporting those in underserved areas of Los Angeles, please continue our strive to contribute to Para Los Ninos and donate at 

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