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Please contact with any questions

How to Sign Up:


  1. Go to 

  2. Receive a “magic link” or passcode via email – you will never have to remember a password! 

Scheduling Tutoring Sessions (Note: this is optional, Ignite tutors have the responsibility to schedule all current and future tutoring sessions)

Setting Up Your Profile: 

  1. From the home page, click your initials (or picture) in the upper right corner, and select “My Settings”

  2. If you would like to, please upload a picture of yourself as well as any additional details for your profile.










Please integrate your Zoom and Google Calendar! This will allow you to sync all of your tutoring sessions directly to your Google Calendar as well as attend zoom virtual sessions on Epihub’s whiteboard 


*Note: Our team will NOT be able to view your calendar events, they will just be prompted that you have an event at the same time as the tutoring session expected time. 

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Setting Up Your Profile

Invoicing Interface

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Your Workspace

Your Workspace

Where you will interactively attend virtual tutoring sessions, send material to & communicate with tutors, and fill out feedback/reports/grades













Accessing Your Workspace: 

  1. In the upper left corner of the home page, click the dropdown menu that says “Workspaces" to view all upcoming workspaces (i.e. all upcoming sessions with tutors)

  2. OR client on Groups ⇒ Tutor ⇒ “Workspace” in upper right corner


What is your workspace used for?


  1. “Announce” - send a message for your tutor(s) to see on their workspace 

  2. “Reports” - give feedback on each session that can be viewed for tutors and admin

  3. “Gradebook” - see assignments and keep track of scores


Suggested Uses:

  1. Post reminders about assignments, tasks, materials needed under “Announcements” for your tutor to have access to

  2. Link all of your shared files in the “Resources” section of the workspace

  3. You can add documents, links, or even google drive folders to share in common with your tutor(s)

  4. Use the whiteboard to annotate documents while you are working with your tutor over Zoom and share material in real-time

  5. See graded assignments and monitor progress with tutor 

  6. Add feedback for each of your sessions with the tutor so tutors and admins can track progress and ameliorate tutoring sessions accordingly

Tutor Feedback Submission: all feedback is recorded under the "Reports" button under the group or workspace of the group. 

  1. Select the right session date and tutor to be providing the report

  2. See above: “Feedback for you” — you will be able to see how many stars/any feedback the tutor gave you for your session

  3. See above: “Feedback from you” — let us know how many stars out of 5 stars you would rate the tutoring session. Please leave any and all feedback for our admin team to see! We also show all positive feedback to tutors so we would love to hear any kind words from you about the session :) 

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Home & Tutor Pages














  1. Groups: this tab will have all of the tutors you have been paired with and are working with.

  2. Workspaces: access all of your shared pages with tutors where you can post announcements, share resources, review graded assignments, and provide feedback. You will also be able to zoom tutors via the workspace and interactively have virtual tutoring sessions.

  3. Finances: from the piggy bank button on the left panel, you can view all of your expected invoices and previous payments. 

  4. Book: used for scheduling tutoring sessions and classes with paired tutors


Groups Page: Where you can track your paired tutors

groups page.png

More Questions? 

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