Fourth, Year Communications Major and Digital Media, TV, and Film Minor

Emma is originally from Fort Worth, Texas and is super involved on the UCLA campus. Not only is she a member of the Paper Mixtape, Surfrider, and a sorority, but she’s also a part of Duffl—a student-founded and student run delivery service. While Emma loves yoga, meditation, surfing, and swimming, she’s a big art girl. She’s help internships in interior design and graphic design, but also started her own jewelry line called Sable and Mer when she was only 15. Emma initially decided to start tutoring because she personally struggled as she always felt too intimidated to ask for help in the classroom. She wants to encourage students to have pride in their academic abilities and know that asking for help is acceptable and encouraged. Emma loves her job because it gives me a chance to connect with students and assist them with their studies but also their personal development (and teach arts and crafts and yoga).



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Drone footage courtesy of HEORUME, INC

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