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Mumtaz gababa.jpeg
UC Berkeley | Second Year, Double majoring in Chemical Biology and Astrophysics

Mumtaz is from Placentia, California and is currently a second-year at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Chemical Biology and Astrophysics. At Cal, Mumtaz is a part of the Associated Students of the University of California, a part of the CAA Alumni Scholar Program and African American Initiative Scholar Program, as well as a sage mentor. She is currently a part of the Alivisatos Group in the College of Chemistry performing research in nanomaterials that has huge applications in the biotech and optical industry! Outside of school, Mumtaz enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, crocheting and cooking! Mumtaz has been tutoring for the past five years in subjects anywhere from Spanish to Science! She loves tutoring because of the students. When a student finally understands a concept or a math problem they were stuck on, it makes her so happy to see their eyes widen in amazement as they realize that the problem was easy to begin with! 

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