Third Year, Psychology and Political Science Major

Claire is originally from Springdale, Arkansas - having moved from a small southern town to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, Claire is an advocate for broadening one’s horizons and challenging oneself. She has since made efforts to engage with the campus community, whether it be her involvement as a counselor in UCLA’s chapter of Camp Kesem, her student advocacy work within the Undergraduate Students Association Council, or her drive to excel within UCLA’s College Honors Program. Claire thrives in active spaces - she is happiest while hiking, biking, doing yoga, going on adventures, etc. She has ample experience with kids of all ages, as she has babysat and invested in children’s success for multiple families in her hometown for six years and counting. Claire also has a four year old sister, which has only increased her comfort in communicating with and looking after kids. She understands the importance of validating each and every journey, both personal and academic. Tutoring gives Claire the platform to genuinely aid in guiding those being tutored to thrive as a student, friend, and leader, not only in academia, but the world at large.



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