About Ignite

Founded in the summer of 2019 by three seniors at UCLA, Ignite Tutoring was created with the importance of mentorship in mind. It's easy to find a tutor that will serve as a teacher for your student, but will this tutor also serve as a friend and guide for years to come? 

This is what we sought to accomplish: to create a network of tutors who are not only academically savvy but who will foster meaningful relationships with your student that will last for years.  

Our founders recognized the importance that a genuine friendship with the tutor plays in a student's academic growth. Forging an authentic relationship between tutor and tutee enables not only a better understanding of the concepts at hand but creates a greater desire and passion for learning. At Ignite, we believe that friendships make learning fun.


Our tutors embody not only the highest caliber of qualified academics at UCLA and UC Berkeley, but also the university's outstanding community of friendly and inspiring individuals.  

At Ignite our motto is simple: "Students Guiding Students: A Bright Future for Education" 


Why Choose Ignite?

With extensive reviews of resumes and a multi-stage interview, our team vets each candidate not only for high GPAs and strong qualifications but also for charismatic personalities and diverse problem-solving skills. Only 30% of students from our extremely qualified applicant pool are chosen to join our team—as a result, our tutoring network is highly selective.


Our primary goal for your student is to understand their personality as a whole in order to match them with a tutor who will not only bolster their academics but also serve as a mentor. As each of our tutors strives for excellence inside and outside the classroom, it is our belief that any Ignite tutor can serve as both a mentor and friend for your student throughout their academic development and long after. 


Ignite tutors are handpicked to allow your student to prosper into the successful academic and outstanding citizens they strive to become!


Meet The Founders

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Graziella Cannarsa


Hi! I’m Graziella, a recent Psychobiology and Spanish minor UCLA graduate. I recently studied abroad for a year in Madrid and found that having a mentor and close educator is critical not only in academic success, but also in fostering confidence in learning.  In high school, I was the president of the National Honor Society where we facilitated peer tutoring—I am looking forward to bringing what I have learned over the last few years to a larger platform through Ignite Tutoring. 

Feel free to learn more about Graziella at her LinkedIn below:

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Kay Ovcharenko


Hi! My name is Kay Ovcharenko and I'm a recent UCLA Economics major graduate (Class of 2020!). I've been a tutor with various tutoring companies. I decided to create a tutoring company because I've seen a lack of concern for quality in the tutoring world and wanted to address this problem. Our hope through this company is to create a tutoring network that goes above and beyond and makes sure that students not only succeed in school but get excited to learn and grow a curiosity for life. I'm super excited to meet and talk with you, feel free to chat or email me!


Feel free to learn more about Kay at her LinkedIn below:

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CMO & Creative Director

I’m Isabelle (Izzy) Roshko, a recent graduate from UCLA studying Psychology and English. Having started a tutoring program in high school, I am passionate about the academic growth of young students, but found that the relationships between tutor and tutee were just as rewarding. The premise of Ignite is to supply not only quality tutoring, but quality people who can serve as role models for your student for years to come. This is what sets Ignite apart from your run of the mill tutoring service. We can’t wait to help your student thrive! 

Feel free to learn more about Izzy at her LinkedIn below:

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Our Team



Head of Marketing & Client Relations

Brailey is currently a fourth-year at UCLA, majoring in Communication Studies. Throughout high school, she volunteered at a public charter school called Rainbow Dreams Academy, where she ran an after-school program for students to provide enrichment and help with homework until they could be picked up from school. Remarkably, her program has received state funding year after year due to her commitment and drive to provide mentorship to younger students. Brailey is extremely hard working and is always determined to reach her goals, which has fueled her success at Ignite Tutoring as our Head of Client and Tutor Relations!



Head of Marketing & Client Relations

UC Berkeley Branch

Ava is currently a second-year at UC Berkeley studying American Studies with a concentration on Race, Politics, and Public Policy and a minor in Journalism. At Cal, she is a part of the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC), the Berkeley Political Review, as well as Kappa Kappa Gamma. She previously worked with Bridge the Gap, a local youth development organization, as a tutor for low-income and disadvantaged students. As our Head of Marketing and Client Relations, Ava is beyond excited to continue to work in the world of education and help Ignite Tutoring find its home at UC Berkeley!




Head of Business Operations & HR

UC Berkeley Branch

Carissa is currently a second-year at UC Berkeley studying Economics. On campus, she is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and the Surfriders Foundation. She previously worked at her local library and soup kitchen, providing tutoring and mentoring services to families and children with whom she was able to build close relationships. Currently, she works with Emerson Elementary School as a student mentor to first-graders. As our Head of Business Operations and Human Relations, Carissa is thrilled to continue her passion for education and create an outstanding tutoring network within the Berkeley community!

Ryan Juncker

Head of Ignite Impact

 Ryan is a UCLA grad & Psychology Major. Ryan has been a tutor through Ignite since August of 2020 - during his time at UCLA, Ryan researched in the Orthopedic Surgery and Microbiology departments, was part of Unified Sports, and participated in Greek Life. Through his role at Ignite Impact, Ryan partners with local schools to offer free tutoring for students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Beyond these partnerships, Ryan runs fundraisers and other events to raise money for local charities in both LA and Bay Area communities. Ryan is so passionate about giving back to his local community - we are so lucky to have him on our team!



Head of Marketing & Client Relations

UC Berkeley Branch


Head of Marketing & Client Relations

UCLA Branch

Hanna is currently a first-year at UCLA, studying Political Science and Communications.  On campus, she is a part of the Student Alumni Association, the Daily Bruin, as well as the UCLA Undergraduate Judicial Board. Growing up, she volunteered at local elementary schools providing mentorship for kids and aiding them with their schoolwork. In her role as Head of Marketing and Client Relations, Hanna hopes to continue to provide more opportunities for academic growth and mentorship for kids in the Los Angeles area. 

Chrys Stavropoulou-Synodinou

Head of Business Operations & HR

UCLA Branch

Chrys is currently a fourth-year studying Economics and Psychobiology. On campus, she is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, UConsulting, Bruin Women in Business, as well as International Bruins in Business. At her hometown of Athens, Greece, she volunteered for an organization that paired up Greek high school students with student who were seeking refuge in Greece from Syria. She was able to tutor them in English, Greek and Math, as well as mentor them and navigate them through their process of relocation. As Head of Business Operations and HR, Chrys is excited to continue furthering educational and mentorship opportunities for students in the Los Angeles Area.