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Created by UCLA students,

Ignite Tutoring is a tutoring network staffed by top-tier university students and grads servicing local elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as college undergraduates in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Our mission at Ignite is to raise the standard for tutoring. Our tutors are not only effective and knowledgeable but also outstanding individuals in all walks of life. From the community to the classroom, our tutors will serve as strong, motivating role models for your students to grow into the young people they strive to be. 


What's Ignite Quality? 

Academic Prestige

All tutors are undergraduate students enrolled at top-tier universities. 

UCLA has a 12% acceptance rate, average ACT of 33, SAT of 1460 and GPA of 4.36, making it a highly selective university.*


*statistics from

Selective Hiring Process

Tutors are hand-selected via

two-part interview process, rigorous resume review and teaching capability assessment

Wholistic Review

To be considered, tutors must be well-rounded and have a vast array of hobbies and interests, including, but not limited to: sports, arts, academic pursuits, passions, past and present jobs and volunteering. Ignite will work to match your student with a tutor based on similarity. 

Engaging Mentors

All tutor applicants are heavily scrutinized for high amiability and what we believe to be their capability to create relationships with their students. Our tutors are upstanding citizens in and out the classroom!

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